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Justin Sullivan "Surrounded"

Justin Sullivan is Bob Dylan of my generation. A poet and secondly a seasoned musician with his punk, post punk origins allows himself some deep,emotional, introverted confessions. An album that as all his solo (two actually) works work on a low temper, slow pace tempo where the words are more important than the volume of the music.The main theme is as always, the human, abandonment,refinement, isolation, hope and fear in the way that Sullivan enters the dark rooms of our souls and opens the skylight. Covid 19 isolation became an inspiration for him to express some feelings and thoughts most of us were circulating all day, this last two years of quarantines.

While musically is far from his main band NEW MODEL ARMY it is familiar to us who follow him on his solo endeavors. A bit trippy, a bit melancholic, it builds around emotions. His voice, like a New Age evangelist, sermons the Gospel of humanity and its burden through his own songs, from the ice covered "Amundsen" to the more coming home feeling of "Stone and heather". An album to listen to and let yourself be carried away by its sentimental volume. As powerful as every of his NMA works but in a far more introverted way. A silent revolution, an iceberg waiting for you to discover what lies beneath the cold ocean.


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