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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

KALEO - "Surface sounds"

This mix of power trio and mainstream pop /rock band has seldom worked better than in KALEO's case. The songs are catchy, pop oriented with a pure rock dynamic. Take fro example "Break my baby" with the Brit pop backbone that is easily Manchester as rock and the characteristic vocals that give the extra spice with their salty texture. Then you have "Alter ego" that comes straight from Detroit with the garage rock guitars, the distortion and the Lenny Kravitz overtones. KALEO are a modern rock band that love WHITE STRIPES, BLACK KEYS, Kravitz but have a far more pop oriented songwriting skill. They Have the Icelandic glacier clarity and melancholy,echoing in the distortion of the riffs and the funkiness of today as in songs like 'Free the slave'. Their ball and chain pace of the rhythm section delivers a mesmerizing rhythm section that drives the song to climax through the repeating riff and the gravy voice, an endless voyage to the Northern seas among whales and tempestuous seas.

What stands out for KALEO is songs like "Skinny", their feel for contemporary issues, wrapped up in the melodies of yesterdays, craving to attract your attention dressed up in distortion and pain. "Gringo" on the other hand is their own piece de resistance, funky, groovy with harmonica giving the tone ,ready to drag you to the dance floor. "Backbone' is another example of a screaming blues anthem, while sensitivity unveils at "I walk on water' and "My Fair lady" in all its magnitude.KALEO are far more from a one dimensional band.I guess BBM, CREAM, OASIS, WHITE STRIPES and Robert Johnson would all approve of these Icelandic rendition of modern blues rock for the masses. An album to listen to and travel with.


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