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Kid Rock- "Bad reputation"

Political album by an poltical incoreect, White trash king (and my firned for that) Kid Rock speaks his mind openly and loud against the neo nazis of the Left wing and the various "MeToo", "BlackLivesmatters" etc movments of the ANTI-FA fascists who opionionated like their German Ancestors try to mute every different voice under the umbrella of equality, justice and above all politcal correctness. Not that i support Trump ahd his Evengelist inspired-agianst science ideas, but i hate the mass movements and their force lynch to those who have a voice, plus their acts of violence and subsitution of the Laws. We saw Biden and the war he enforced with his politics in Ukraine but the progressive political parties, decided to stay mute. On the contrary, Kid Rock speaks and while not always right, he is definitely not wrong.

From the opener "Don't tell me how to live" to the more political "We the people: and the self explanatory "My kind of country" his, not mine and "Bad reputation:" he continues the pattern of Southern hard rock with some rap influences.On "Never quit" je meets Aaron Lewis in his country references We have to wait till :Shakedown" for the rap element to take over and make me feel pretty much indifferent. If it is about blac music, I prefer Funk and Sold and not some beat after beat and the MC crying for his life's misfortuned over it."Rockin' is a mid tempo rocker with Southern essence, while "The last dance" ains to the Country FM radio and hits bullseye."See you again" is another mid tempo Southern infused, piano escorted ballad,showing the sensitive man behind the tough guy."Still something" is a trip down the memory lane, as always memorable full of references to rock n roll, fast cars, fights and women. "Never enough" has the ZZ TOP feeling of "Recycler" and then we move to the Appalachian mountains with the countrified "Everything to me". "Cold beer" is another country pop rock song of the latter KD era, smooth,laid back and enjoyable for 4:11 not a second more." Ala-fuckin-Bama brings some horns and funk in our lives, some well deserved groove and remind us of KD past as an enertainer. "The Nashville I Know" is another journey back to KD's roots with some poignant lyrics, making us love him a bit more. As for the final song "Fifty" with its Johnny Cash overtones, I know most of my generation would love to have it as a birthday song,

Thank you KD we're all together, maturing, Hell No. Nothing new, nothing you ve never heard, just simple KD, singing with his heart on his sleeve about South, country and some groove aging like a good bourbon.


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