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KING MOUNTAIN- "Tempest at the gate"

Stavros Papadopoulos, guitar player and composer rock extraordinaire, new work with one of his many bands ,projects is here. KING MOUNTAIN is a modern rock band with classic rock, heavy rock and stoner rock influences in common view. His tendency to love and work with power trios and being influenced by them is more than obvious. CREAM, HENDRIX, MOUNTAIN, BLACK SABBATH, CACTUS, VANILLA FUDGE, PEARL JAM are all present and infiltrated through Papadopulos personal guitar sound. His tone is easily recognizable after listening to some of his works. He has a very earthly , down to the ground sound, reminiscent of a lighter Zakk Wylde with some Meniketti overtones, bluesy,yet heavy, the American way.

What I like in this album is how he puts some melodic lines that reminiscent of the IRON MAIDEN guitar dwells in songs like "Soul Sacrifice", while keeping the sound personal. "Tempest at the gate" is a straight, in your face, heavy metal song, with modern influences, ALTERBRIGE, TREMONTI etc."Burning walls' is a groovy monster, in the same vein."King of the Mountain '' has STVITUS-BLACK SABBATH etc sign all over the place, withs some RJD inspired vocals, a song merging two worlds- Doom and Stoner in one, perfectly, with some astonishing guitar as always."Break away" is a Seattle influenced song with a twist of South to make it more catchy and Groovy, a song suited like a glove to Eddie Veder or Andrew Wood of MOTHER LOVE BONE A riff based, modern heavy rock album, with solid production that will let every rock fan eager for more. High octane songs, where 70s meets the 00s without being retro but being prolific.


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