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Koritni - "Long overdue"

From Australia (now relocated to France) this underrated guitar hero , Lex Koritni, who likes ACDC and ZZ TOP a bit too much returns with his new work, the number. What you'll find here is hard rock with blues roots and lots of electrified riffs in the vein of Bon Scott era ACDC and early GUNS AND ROSES. KORITNI wont rediscover the wheel. But they know how to throw a good rock n roll party, filled with strong riffs, stronger hooks, a rhythm section steady and sturdy and a voice with all the booze soar needed to get in line with Bon Scott, Ron Young and Robert mason. KORITNI are not a retro rock band, cause for them the time never moved from the early 80s. The album was produced by Kevin Shirley who adds his own input to the bandsm tight and crispy sound.

They may not stroll in the sunset strip but they write music and deliver as like bands GREAT WHITE and CINDERELLA are still on the Billboard. You can ignore them like most of you did with T.SO.L, TORA TORA, SCREAMING EAGLES, LITTLE CAESAR, NEVADA BEACH and more but it's your fault and your loss. This guy, this band is genuine, gifted and most and above all true to the best rock n roll tradition, of street rock that shakes your mojo. For fans of early AC/DC, ANGELS, ROSE TATTOO, this is a band to check and hopefully a tour with Danko Jones will let the power of rock n roll unleashed (wishful thinking)


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