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Kris Barras band- "Death valley paradise"

Groovy, blues based hard rock with FM aesthetics at the hooks by a guitar player who has proved he is more than capable to be among the best of his generation. Kris Barras has the honey dripping voice with a bit of whiskey to make it stronger, the riffs and the tight band to support his dream. His sound has all the elements of a new artist (not so new after a couple of albums plus his collaboration with SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE , decent songs, addictive choruses, strong hook lines and skills in songwriting. Blues, country and Southern rock fuses in songs like "Long gone' while the big addictive all together backing vocals has become his distinctive point along the fuzz in his guitar riffing. Imagine MUSE try to play the blues and you could have something a bit close to the aural reality. KBB likes their blues multi layer "My parade' bringing additional elements from verse to chorus and afterwards.The songs are building coming to their escalation usually at an addictive stadium friendly chorus that makes the speakers bow under its sheer power."Who needs enemies' is another fine example of FM rock friendly rock that KBB are experts.

On the contrary to THUNDER for example, KBB is more a 21st century FM/Blues rock band that has an eye to the modern rock scene,without compromising their blues roots and their rock credibility,especially at the moment,guitars take over but are still ready to take a good place at the Radio station playlists earning themselves a new audience.What they have in abundance is the groove and songs like "The devil you know' are the next concert/fan favorites. 'Wake me when it's over '' is a stormy rocker with some astonishing guitar work that will not let down even the most difficult listener."Bury me" is addictive as Covid 19 in the first days of 2020 and far more lethal. 'Death valley paradise" is what its name says. An album of groovy, intelligent, open minded,modern blues infused hard rock that will appeal to everyone from THE MUSE fans to those of Joe Bonamassa. So dont pick a side, pick a copy and enjoy.


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