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Kris Barras-"Halo effect"

The former MMA champion and blues aficionado , grown musically and aesthetically. In this, his latest work, Barras, a seasoned musician now, aims to a more modern heavy rock audience. Bands like ALTER BRIDGE, CREED, TREMONTI and even mass popular era BON JOVI are the sound sign of his music. A moreUS approach with guitar walls and melodic yet distorted vocals that define a whole new era.

If you like the chorus massive as the Great wall of China and the rhythmic background noizy and heavy as NINE INCH NAILS, songs like "Unbreakable' are your cup of tea."Savages" is another fine example on how he has evolved in songwriting and what really suits his musical tastes. He delivers the music with passion and taste , especially at the guitar soo department. Also he incorporates the sense of melody that you find more in bands like COLDPLAY and IMAGINE DRAGONS than a metal /rock band but keeps the volume high and distrotin at the maximum."Fails to fly", "Reflections"  , "Waste  away with me" are all part of his new musical legacy.

Some songs like "Reflections" stand out due to their more distinctive melody with a hint of BOC in it, but overall the LINKIN PARK melody stamp is all over the place. "Secrets" are also a little more distant from the overall "noizy" style of the album without losing volume and the possible "hit" of the album. "Landslide" is another fine example on how he incorporated s melody in his songs with groove and a mesmerizing mid tempo. "Fear of letting go" is a well crafted melodic heavy rock song that winks at the US market. "Apocalypse" closes the album in the most fashionable way. Dance beats and heavy rhythms screaming for US airwaves, modern and lean as Barras himself.

This album is a make or break album for Barras who now aims to a different, more modern rock oriented audience. Never disappointing, shows signs of his musical abilities, that in my opinion sacrifices at the altar of popularity, always with good taste.


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