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Land of Gypsies-"Land and of gypsies"

Land Of Gypsies, formerly known as Gang Of Souls, is a new L.A. based band featuring vocalist Terry Ilous (XYZ, ex-Great White), together with producer and bassist Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, Supersonic Blues Machine, Eric Gales, etc.). Rounding out the lineup are Serge Simic on guitar (The Slam, Supersonic Blues Machine) and Tony Morra on drums. Blues infused hard rock with some Led Zep.some Bad Co, a bit of FOREIGNER and a lot of 70s with Terry Ilous giving a lifetime performance. A bit more commercial than LedZep with some great organ and DP influences plus a bit of funk at songs like "Not an ordinary man" the band is firing at all cylinders. A band that Glenn Hughes would definitely love to sing at.

'Shattered" has this modern female rock feeling kinda Anastasia, while "Trouble" moves more in to the SMALL FACES, HUMBLE PIE, BAD COMPANY field with some vintage WHITESNAKE thrown in and it is tasty as it can be.XYZ along with SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE are influences but the band aiming for a more modern blues infused sound. "Somewhere down the line" been another fine example of their soul infused blues rock with a touch of the best of the 90s alternative hooks and melodies.On the other side "Rescue me" is the praise the Led Zep mid tempo song we all have expected and with ΙLous stellar performance learn to love. 7,5

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