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Laura Cox- "Head above water"

French blues woman Laura Coc releases an album that balances between classic rock "Head above water", "One big mess" and more blues oriented songs like "Set me free". The influences of ROLLING STONES, ZZ TOP, AC DC are the most obvious as it is her approach. The album could have come from any Southern State with its rock n roll style, blues riffs and organ filling songs..The youtuber turned hot guitar player proves she has it as she soloing manic at "Set me free" . Cox is among the newest generation of blues women and men that are middle class white , mostly., boys and girls that spend hours listening and practicing. In a way it is reminiscent of the British blues explosion, when Siburn, Lawrence, Barras, Cox, Taylor to name but a few are coming to keep the blues flame alive at the tracks of the patriarch of modern day white blues Joe Banamassa.

On the other hand Cox has similarities in her songwriting and approach with the southern touch to Warren Haynes and "Old soul" ballad has the Allman stamp all over it . "Wiser" is a groovy , 70s influenced southern rocker with some nice slide guitar and a laid back feeling."Before we get burned" is another southern style mid tempo country rocker."Seaside '' is a more modern, contemporary alternative rocker that doesn't fit with the rest of the songs but definitely shows a potential to be explored by Cox. "Fever" on the other hand is a return to classic forms with this stomping mid tempo honky tonk rocker. "Swing it out" keeps up the pace and the groove, another grooving blues rocker that winks at SWEET with its melody. The album closes with "Glassy days" a classic ballad, laid back and full of the 70s spirit , slide guitars and open horizons, nothing impressive.

Overall Cox gives an album of classic rok, blues rock that shows improvement , abilities and has some very strong moments that helps her establish herself among the younger generation of blues rock aficionados with ease.


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