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LEATHER - "We are the chosen"

Leather Leone, the voice connected forever with some of the best Chastain works, releases another solo album, her third as Leather. An album full of US power/Neo classical metal. Speed, heavy, aggressive and with her distinctive vocals serves as a great main dish to saturate our need for riff oriented US metal. No barriers, double bass drums songs like "We take back control", "Always evil" are fine examples on how Leather and her boys understand the words US power metal. CHASTAIN, VICIOUS RUMORS, LETHAL, TENSION, POWERSURGE, LIEGE LORD, JAG PANZER all these and more like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST are here along with some healthy Bay area trash feeling in the vein of HEATHEN and some riffs that could fit in any OVERKILL album. The pace is devastating, the album breaks every speed limit, aiming for heavy metal supremacy and Leather with her gravy voice commands the songs with surgical accuracy to complete their task, creating metal songs for the masses. A PRONG riff driven "Shadows" is a mid pace song, combining the classic with modern in a melodic, yet heavy anthem. Vinnie Tex does a great job as a modern riff machine reminiscent of PANTERA and PRONG or better Jeff Waters at the first ANNIHILATOR albums.

"Off with your head" has a distinctive , unique melody and a very catchy chorus line and more astonishing guitar work.Same title song is an epic, IRON MAIDEN like metal song, aimed to sing along in arenas filled with metal heads. "Tyrants" is an aggressive, US power metal that fits its title suitably, with razor sharp riffs and Leather in prime form, a song that would be a great addition to the JAG PANZER armoury. "Hallowed ground" is what you could expect for a ballad from Leather Leone and Co. A slow tempo, epic, haunting song with melodies straight from the depths of Hades. Dark days" keep up the metal massacre, another power/speed metal anthem. "Who Rules the World" comes with a very catchy chorus, an in your face attack with ACCEPT feeling and equally catchy when the melodic chorus enters. Leather does not want to lower speed and closes the album with another wrecking ball kind of song at the face of "The glory in the end" a JUDAS PRIEST, double bass drum inspired drum that holds the heavy metal flag high.

A heavy metal album that stands for what it is, heavy, melodic, US metal approved , wiht great vocals by a charismatic singer and excellent performance by the riff master Vinnie Tex. A metal delight inspiring and traditional at the same time.


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