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Lucifer- Lucifer IV

Lucifer- Lucifer IV

Swedish/German retro occult rock with the collaboration of Joanna Sadonis Andersson (THE OATH) and Nicke Andersson (HELLACOPTERS-IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC). Melodic, dark and sinister, Lucifer IV winks at Roky Erickson and FUZZTONES at the same time while biws to BLACK SABBATH, MERCYFUL FATE and distinguish itself due to Sadonis unique voice. Songs that could be instant hits like "Crucifix-(i ll burn for you" and the Robin Beck/KISS influenced "Bring me his head". The melodies are catchy and have the bitterness that is needed to make the album a dark rock masterpiece and not another sugar coated retro rock relic. But Andersson's feeling for a good melody is impeccable and works even at the more dark moments of this band as rock n roll is always the base the ground of his composing work."Mausoleum" is another example of the majestic melodies and atmosphere that LUCIFER creates ,with the additional help at composing of the other guitar players of the band guitarist Linus Björklund’, as well as guitarist Martin Nordin.

Its been some time since retro rock has sounded so dark and attractive, giving a wink to the underground and the 60s horror film music, keeping the heaviness and the melody firmly attached If the GHOST didn't mind so much for their popularity they may have sounded like these."The funeral pyre " a small instrumental is another example how, music can be melodic yet scary in the old horror films way without showing too much but insinuating much more."Cold as a tombstone" is groovy, proto metal, like BLACK SABBATH met JEFFERSON AIRPLANE."Louise" has the 60s groove that NA loves.An album that shows the improvement of the band, stylistically and musically, moving from the occult underground to the more mainstream retro rock scene, keeping their dark sides intact and un compromised.


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