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Modern rock, hard rock from Wolfgang Van Halen and his band, that is miles away from his fathers band and still sounds fresh and interesting. A lot more influenced from the American British pop/prog bands of the 00sat so gs like 'Epiphany' you can listen the difference between father and son. On the other hand at "Don't back down" you have an example on how modern Hard rock keeps evolving based on the constant massive riff and the infectious groove. MAMMOTH WVH are a modern rock band and they deliver their music, free from heritage,names and traditions, that's why they re so focus on music and so successful. That goes if you're not stuck in the golden 80s and thank God WVH isn't."Resolve" is a fine example on how he writes a song based on a strong guitar riff with the melody upfront driving the song.

The same title song is a great example on how MAMMOTH WVH understand modern hard rock, a hint of SOUNDGARDEN, MUSE, SMASHING PUMPKINS, and a big part of melody over the well chosen riff that the song will be based on. Song ready for today's radio. "Circles" is among them with its mesmerizing structure and the keyboards set the pace for an excellent summer song. Closer 'Distance' the first single from the album is a fine song craft example and a great tribute to Eddie VH by his son. A modern rock song and simultaneously a touching tribute from the son to his father. Only for this, EVH would be proud of his family legacy. The only objection I have is the album length as the style of the songs can become a bit boring from a point and after, if you're not in the modern rock type of songwriting/drumming.


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