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MASSIVE WAGONS- "Triggered ''

Its heavy. its hard and catchy, poppy, happy and enjoyable and most and above all, its rock. For the masses, the radio, not the intellectuals, not the connoisseurs for those who like ACDC, THUNDER and THERAPY all in one with a small taste of the craziness and pop sensibility of THE WILDHEARTS and the groove of STATUS QUO. So why you re still reading and not headed to the nearest record shop or electronic outlet to get the album? Cause you ve been to long in the comfort zone of the e-commerce era and THE MASSIVE WAGONS are here to get you up from your couch.

They have the songs , strong, catchy , massive riifs and provocative titles and choruses like in "Fuck the hatwers", "A.S.S.H.O.L.E" their more addicitve moments as in "please stay calm" an ode to mental clarity in a wolrd falling apart combining heavy music and great melodic choruses, "Sawdust" a heavy, punk influenced yet still MASSIVE WAGONS tune showing their heavier , angry side, "Giulia" with a bit of FM friendliness, "Germ" another cheek in the tongue song and the closer "No friend of mine" addicitve and impressively clever in the lyrics department tune that depicts todays social life in under the 4 minutes. MASSIVE WAGONS are the product of the British rock /metal scene of the last decades.

From BEATLES to DISCHARGE with MOTORHEAD and ALMIGHTY in the middle , you end up with MASSIVE WAGONS. Bubblegum melodies dressed under heavy guitars with a singer who could easily be the next SLADE frontman commanding the audience to join in songs that are earthly, contemporary and catchy as the best of the ACDC songbook. Great band, great album , the rest is history


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