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Matti Alfonzetti- "Shake my blood"

Modern melodic Hard rock by one of the most underrated voices, Mark Alfonzetti. For those of you who are unaware of his musical past, he has his tenures as led singer in bands such as BAM BAM BOYS, JAGGED EDGE , SKINTRADE, ROAD TO RUIN. With a raw, yet melodic voice,that brings him to the category of singers like Andi Derris, David Reece he releases this solo work, where furious melodic hard rock like "Shake my blood"

trades places with soulful mid tempo songs like "Say Goodbye". Alfonzetti is a genuine Swedish melodic Hard rock singer with his heavier moments, his fondness for the modern rock sound but a soft spot for the 80s AOR scene. The tenure in JAGGED EDGE left his mark in songs like the funky, groovy 'Who do you think you are". Bluesy and melodic, in the vein of MR BIG, late years EUROPE , Alfonzetti, brings the musical dreams to life in songs like 'Sanctified" where the groove meets the melody at a song that screams for airplay. This time Alfonzetti, who has gone back to his roots and together with Mikael Hujanen, Peter Forss, Johan Norgren, Henrik Bergqvist, Joel Sahlin and his son Dante created an album full of bluesy , yet FM oriented Hard rock. 'Digging in the dirt' with its melodic bridge and its heavy blues chorus is a fine example of the album's orientation.

If you are into bands like COLD CHISEL you may understand my point of view.A melodic, yet bluesy,deep voice that has the versatility to serve both the FM as the more down to earth blues rock directions,allow Alfonzetti move in to various musical directions keeping the groove and the fire alive, without been utterly traditional or over the top contemporary. But it's the covers where he shows his own unique interpretation on songs we all know and love like at 'Don't believe a word" by THIN LIZZY ,where he transforms the song to a piano led, heartbreaking ballad, stripped down to the bones, leaving him and a piano."Kill my blues" could be easily at any of the post reunion EUROPE albums and been among the best songs they have written. In the same vein of hard rock with a bluesy touch, comes "Evil woman", muscular and anthemic.To put it simple EUROPE,SHOUT, MR BIG, WHITESNAKE, JAGGED EDGE, you like any of the aforementioned bands ,then you are obliged to buy "Shake my soul" period.


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