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Me and that man- "New man,New songs, Same shit Vol2"

Third times a charm and Nergal nails it one more time.Along with a stellar list of participants , expected Myrkyr, Gary Holt and unexpected Blaze Baley, he gives us his own successful recipe of Dark, wave, alternative rock, folk,country and Americana, with some metal elements and praise the Lord (Dark or not) he is a winner.From the opener "Black hearse Cadillac' the last song we heard Hank Von Hell, a chilling moment as the album was released the day we were informed on the death of the Great Norwegian singer, a creepy , chanting introduction, and soul searching lyrics, a cry for love and attention-who really gives a fuck and listen to the lyrics and their meaning for the artist ,in his real life?the album set high standards as usual.A help from GHOSTs Papa V...Mary Goore and BOC meets Me and that man rocking over a James Bond movie theme.A blues out of the Gary Moore songbook is "All hope is gone" where instead of Johnny Cash, Blaze Bayley, yes the ex WOLFSBANE,IRON MAIDEN singer along with Gary Holt (Exodus) and Jeff Mantas Dunn (V) gives the best song of the album, a heartbreaking, emotional overcharged blues anthem. Americana and country & Western rules at "Witches don't fall in love"."Losing my blues" and if MOTORHEAD would think to play blues, this is how they would sound with Chris Holmes (ex WASP giving this dirty 80s ,sunset strip soloing).

Dave Vinsent (Morbid angel) does what he knows best at ' 'Year of the snake'', thriving the song from a low ride to self destruction to the depths of personal abandonment and misery, standing against everyone and paying the price. The haunting violin solo makes the song an Appalachian cry for freedom, a mountain song from the mountain of the dead and unbowed.Michael Graves (MISFITS) gives a stunning performance at the hypnotic, mesmerizing "Blues and cocaine" a song that makes the term "desert rock" at least obsolete with its internal, sheer, demonic power.Randy Blythe takes the mic at "Silver Halide echoes" and gives us a modern Moricone song for a western where no one survives, despite motivations and moral grounds.What makes Me and that man a project,everyone loves is that Nergal takes musicians from mostly the extreme sound territory and present them in a totally different package like Alicia White Glutz and Dave Townsend at 'Goodbye' a haunting dark Americana ballad. The closer 'Got your tongue" with our "own" Chris Georgiadis is a great example of the alternative rock spirit that broke the limits between metal and rock in the 90s and still releases great songs to dance with.

Me and that man for the third time produce an album that other artists need a whole life to conceive. We love their work and hope they'll continue to bring such dark pleasures to our lustful ears.


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