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Michael Monroe- "One man gang"

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

The new work of the ex HANOI ROCK singer is no sort of musical apocalypse. On the contrary, is pure street spirit infused rock n roll, with heart mellow on saxophone and body high on steroids. Michael Monroe, is a street punk raised on classic rock n roll, glam and punk rock, waltzing on stage with his band of beautiful losers. For one more time he give us songs like "Junk planet" to remind us, rock n roll can be edge, with a bit of fun too. High octane rock n roll with the everlasting adrenalin of Monroe, the heavy guitars, and from time to time the saxophone to give a taste of the soft side of the man. Another gem for the few loyal. The rest will stay on the mainstream. Michael Monroe is the real deal for those who are in to the Sunset strip, real essence. With songs like “Last train to Tokyo”, “Heaven is a free state”, “The pitfalls of being an outsider” you can’t get more action and dirty rock n roll, tan with these tunes. The rest can relax with the fallen idols and their reunions. Finland is the answer for sleaze rock as Sweden (HELLACOPTERS, BACKYARD BABIES) for Garage/punk rock, Norway for the electrified alternative rock (GLUCIFER) and Denmark for the tongue in cheek hard rock (DAD) and finally Scandinavia rules the world, if you like rock n roll.


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