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Mick Mars -'The other side of Mars"

Imagine being among the creators of one the most (if not the ultimate  debauchery,sleaze rock bands in the universe along with your own health issues that makes your life even more dirty, sleaze, deteriorating without the drug, alcohol issues of the rest of the band. Imagine touring in constant pain to support the band and the common dream, keep the performance level at the highest standards when the rest fell off the drums, off the stage, forgetting the lyrics and being unable to perform. Imagine one day being thrown out of your own band, your own home knowing you wont be able to tour for more. You can sit and die or pay for their dishonorable behavior in the best way, creating the album , MOTLEY CRUE won't be able to write again. "Dogs of war' their latest single is the living proof.

Mick Mars returned with his solo work, an unknown singer and lots of inspiration. It was recorded in Nashville by producer Michael Wagener with a band including Jacob Bunton, Paul Taylor and Ray Luzier. The album he gives to the public is dark. It has more in common with the Corabi era of CRUE than anything else. But has great songs like "LA Noir", "Broken on the Inside", "Memories" , full of edgy, dirty guitars and two mid tempo/ballad kinda songs that Vince Neil couldn't imagine he could sing at his current voice status. Mars can end his solo and musical career with the laurels of this album. An above the descent album, that marks exactly who is the real inspiration between the CRUE sound,

A man who is contemporary as he is also sleaze and despite his health issues keep the rock n roll spirit alive with his music and not his antiques.I think he states everything regarding his current musical status  at  "Ain't going back' and has every right to say it.


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