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MOTORHEAD- "We play Rock n Roll,Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2007"

Lemmy always lied a good joke and what better than to be at a Jazz Festival well known as the Montreux JF playing rock n roll. The latest trio incarnation of MOTORHEAD, Lemmy, Mickey Dee, Phil Cambell just do what they preach in their opening lines, "We re MOTORHEAD and we play rock n roll", A real freight train running on full speed, tight, heavy, forceful and edge with a setlist among the best of their live albums, balancing between new material and their classic stuff. It is 19 songs with one cover of 'Rosalie" (originally by Bob Seger) that Lemmy dedicates to THIN LIZZY and his hero and our hero as he states Phil Lynott.

No song is treated unfairly. MOTORHEAD are on a prime night and if you have seen them on stage, their worst night is equal to most metal, rock bands' best performance. From the opening track "Snaggletooth" and "Stay clean '' to "Sacrifice '' where M.Dee does a powerful solo, the album is a blast. Songs like 'Iron fist" and 'Killed by death" shine with MOTRHEAD's vitality and youthful energy that surprises even their most hardcore fans. The inside jokes about jazz aficionados that Lemmy uses to introduce some of the songs are another unique feature of the album as Lemmy's Sarcasm is as always on the spot and limitless, provocative and delightful.

If you want to have the best MOTORHEAD live album after "No sleep" here is a great contender for the title.


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