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NAXATRAS is a great Greek band that was considered mostly a Stoner band with psychedelic elements.With their new fourth album they entering a new era. It is a far different beast , creating a Floyd musical landscape with elements from the British progressive scene and also elements of spare rock and 70s psychedelic rock. HAWKWIND have left a colorful footprint at NAXATRAS'S music and i'm referring to it ,as a compliment. The addition of vocals in the bigger number of songs is present in their new work. It accomplishes their work, adding an extra element to their melodic musical lines and smoothing the prog style of their music giving it, more accessibility to the average listener.

They’re still the jam band we know and they deliver music influenced definitely by Pink Floyd, Camel and all of the great 70s prog rock heroes without losing their desert feeling. The heavy rock/psychedelic touches from the golden HAWKWIND days can be found easily at songs like the magnificent "Omega madness` while more proggy touches changes the scenery at "Journey to Narahmon". So if you’re into this style of music, trippy,heavy,melodic,progressive, spacey the album is the perfect companion for long winter nights with the company of a good whiskey or long summer nights by the seaside, traveling with the eyes to the stars.


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Kris Barras-"Halo effect"


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