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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

NIGHTSTALKER- “Great Hallucinations”

When something is working don’t fix it. That’s the main idea behind the new album by NIGHTSTALKER. The Athenian stone rockers pour some sniffs of psychedelic rock some garage rock riffage and some laid back 60w/70w rhythms and make their urban stoner rock even more slick and addictive. Early MOTORHEAD are always around as an inspiration along with Ozzy era BLACK SABBATH. Argy vocals are like good old bourbon with a portion of honey and they mesmerize you with their low down tone and sweetness. Songs like “Sweet knife”, “Sad side of the city” and “Cursed” may sound initially simple, but is their simplicity that make them play all day long in the juke box of your mind. A great album of 70w infused hard rock with a touch of HAWKWIND mindset in the psychedelic parts and a sniff of early MONSTER MAGNET, the same title song, is the perfect example, on how Athens can be the rabbit hole for some weird rock dreams. This band is among the best of the scene. Just laid back an enjoy their hallucinating trip.


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