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A Swedish band that balances between US AOQ and more progressive sounds adding a well kneaded italo disco in their sound. We all know that bands like BEAST IN BLACK let the inner disco fan come out in these hard days. NUBIAN ROSE let the BON JOVI fan of the prime time days, meet the Disco boy and all together move through the most pop/strange face of Progressive metal in "Gonna get close to you" (QUEENSRYCHE-original by DalBello). Their new album, “Amen” was released on January 26, 2024 on Pride and Joy Music and on Livewire/Cargo Records in Germany. . With the latest album they showcase a more progressive side of the band, but with their trademark foundation of strong melodies, great hooks, big guitars, and the powerful voice of Sofia Lilja (vocal coach on the Swedish TV series “Idol”)r.QUEEN inspired majestic compostions as in  “Memorial” or the more heavy . “Dramatic Day” meets the Euro pop/disco of  “Break Down the Walls” and “Running” their more epic feeling within Dio overtones comes out in

 “Lost in the Mist” while  “Red Sky”, “Desert Night” and “Bright Lights” are on the safe side with male vocals , diminishing the final product where they ve been added. The cover version of “Gonna Get Close to You”, the QUEENSRŸCHE version of a DALBELLO song, is an unlucky choice as the original cover is a milestone for modern progressive metal and beyond difficult to copy or even more surpass it. NUBIAN ROSE know their game and Sofia Lilja vocals are impressive. The melodic, early BON JOVI, Diostyle suits them better, even more when they add more melody and 80s disco, new wave sounds. If they stick to the successful part of their sound formula having the "Dream evil" album as their borderline , they will easily make a strong impact along  A newer generation of bands who like to shake their booties with heavy guitars, melodies and disco grooves.


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