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NUCLEAR POWER TRIO- "Wet ass plutonium"

Fusion metal at its best by these highly skilled trio. Their sound has fusion, thrash, even synthwave influences  "as "W.A.P" the opening track shows.Compositions like "Nyetflix and chill" stands out with their latin flavor, a bit like metallic SANTANA, while the more Satriani/Vai "Air Force fun" has an FM feeling. Melodies, complex rhythmic patterns and an easy listening approach without compromising their technical aspects are what makes NPT a must for every fan of fusion metal, jazz and progressive metal. From DREAM THEATER to CYNIC with touches of Allan Holdsworth, E.S.T, and 70s fusion rock the guys nail it. If you want something similar i would suggest POLYPHIA but NPT have their own sound. PRIMUS are another possible similarity when you listen to the slapping bass lines of  'Snark side of the Un". "Vamos brandito`" has the flamenco feeling while "Anti Saxxers" enters the bossa nova territory without ever losing their metal fusion roots. "Critical bass theory" is what the title says a Stu Hamm inspired , bass driven metal fusion composition that grooves heavily between funk and fusion.

This highly accomplished trio is assisted in their excellent full length LP by some exceptional members of the metal community such as Chris Broderick (In Flames, Megadeth), Ben Ellis (Scar Symmetry), Brian Hopp (Cephalic Carnage), and Scott Carstairs (Fallujah). Their idea of wearing masks representing quite unpleasant politicians/dictators adding points to the sarcasm of their composition titles. The closing track "Red Scare bear stare" has a MEGADETH/Bay area thrash feeling and closes the album in the perfect way.

NUCLEAR POWER TRIO are the new GHOST of fusion/progressive/instrumental metal and a band Mike Varney would kill to have signed backin the 80s. Great stuff from musicians to everyone who enjoys instrumental fusion metal and more .


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