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Phil Campbell- “Old lions still roar”

First solo album for the ex MOTORHEAD guitar man and the result is more than satisfying. Less straight metal than his BASTARD SONS spin off band. It moves along the roc/metal genres with the help of a number of well or less well known names like Rob Halford, Alice Cooper, Ben Ward, Nev MacDonald, Nick Oliveri, Dee Snider, Whitfield Crane and others. Some songs have the bluesy feeling he is well known and add to the MOTORHEAD albums and are magnificent in their simplicity such as “Left for dead” a song suited perfect for old Dave voices…but. The opening track is a semi-autobiographical one, going back to the PERSIAN RISK days. Elsewhere he sticks to what he knows best. Produce catchy riffs and support legendary voices as in his collaborations with Halford, Cooper and Snider. Or been a man of his time give us some modern aggressive metal with a hint of old good HEAD at the solo department, as in “Walk the talk” with the help of Oliveri. Listening to the album you definitely can’t tell the creators age, if you don’t read the name. Overall a great heavy rock album with a bit of modern touch at some pints, just to make you crack another beer and sing along. The old lions definitely still got it.


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