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PLANET OF ZEUS- “Faith in physics”

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

When heavy rock meets the street spirit, of a city dying, a nation crying , the anger, the anxiety, the economic crises, illegal immigrants stranded in the islands hoping to move to the West, Greeks been exploited by various NPO, a left wing government who steal-overtaxing from the private sector to bring more and more public servants , banks ruling the state, An EU who use the country as illegal immigrants and refugees warehouse, Turkey, your neighbor, threatening with war, social unrest, immigration of the young people who want something better, then only some rock musicians who follow their heart can express the situation with chords and growls. PLANET OF ZEUS are a band who believe in the guitar driven rock, as it was born and raised in the 00s. Stoner is in my humble opinion the wring word to describe a band who step on MOTORHEAD and BLACK SABBATH along with some Seattle stuff (“Your song”) and create an amalgam of modern heavy rock.

From the opener ‘Gasoline’ they grab you from the throat and ask your obedience to their manic rhythms. No mercy continues with “Man vs God’ and the story goes on. PLANET OF ZEUS bring metal to the stoner scene and they deliver it with less color and more power than you can expect. Heavy as a demolition ball, they keep everything in line with their moto, burn in hell. ‘All these happy people’ is the answer to the BEATLES smiling faces that covers the hipster cozy places in the center and the wealthy suburbs, filled with left wing wannabees, who enjoy their riches coming out of well paid State positions. POZ don’t give a damn about political correctness, they blow your mind and the stage every time they find you willing to listen to some rock music, and they take no prisoners. ”Let them burn” smells 80s, in every chord, but not only heavy rock, also the great guitar alternative bands that build the mighty 90s, showing that the spectrum of their influences are far wider than the average metal band. ‘On parole’ is a tribute to Lemmy and co, although not a cover. ‘Your song’ is an anthem for those who left this country to find “regularity been blue collar slaves at western Europe. ‘The album closes with ‘King of circus” just another reminder of the state we are all in, a slow rotten to the core song, where HELMET walks along with Nick Cave and the Delta blues, in a slow, cathartic, cathode to hell. Music to listen when you walk around in the city of fear, the city of miracles.


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