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POLYPHIA- "Remember that you will die"

So simple one of the most mind opening, soul searching, sound exploring albums of the last years. Definitely on the progressive side of things, POLYPHIA mix metal, fusion, jazz, flamenco, nu metal,new age and create songs like the beautiful "Playing God' an ode to Steve Vai and MARS VOLTA. Complex rhythms from jazz, fusion to neoclassical and ethnic, guitars that accompany or thrash the song , depending on the mood and the need, collaborations ,Steve Vai at "Ego death' and Sophia Black at the almost pop "ABC" and Anomalie at "The audacity' and if you're into bands like PRIMUS, Devin Townsend,MARS VOLTA,Steve Vai and ANIMALS AS LEADERS along with RETURN TO FOREVER, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, WEATHER REPORT, just check this album.

From the opening "Genesis" with the participation of the "Brasstracks" we have this 70s soul/funk fusion piece that leaves the listener speechless with hte melody,intensity and the groove."Memento Mori" with the participation of Killstation is another example of fusion between rap,modern club music and fusion rock."Neurotica" is a Steve Vai influenced funk rock-fusion masterpiece with some excellent work especially at the bass lies department. While 'Chimera' has the flamenco intro and parts and the Tony Macalpine sign written all over the guitar sound."Bloodbath' has Chico Moreno participating and an almost Death metal feeling when the vocals wont mellow the song. The closing track 'Ego death" with the Steve Vai participation is as expected a guitar onslaught with various techniques and styles creating an aural pleasure for those who like the exploration and diversity in music.What an album, what a band, what a way to use the participations to create something so eclectic and mainstream at the same time.


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