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Popa Chubby- "Emotional gangster"

Straight out of NYC, blues with the smell of Chicago and the slide of the Deep South. Poppa Chubby is a seasoned bluesman who has his roots in classic rock too. In this new album, he is focusing on some straight, light up, electric blues. "New way of walking" could be an Albert King song but it is a new song , coming out in 2022 and ready to rock. The album includes two covers, tribute to his mentor Willie Dixon "Hoochie Coochie man' and "Dust my broom" and the rest are originals, straight out a time machine or from a contemporary bluesman in the 00s.

Wait a minute...Does anyone give importance to the lyrics? Well they should as he works real hard to talk about today and not yesterday in songs like “Equal Opportunity'' and “Why You Wanna Make War? becomes so contemporary and uptodate with Ukraine and Zelenski trying to force the planet in WWIII. Although I like even more "“Tonight I’m Gonna Be the Man” with its tongue in cheek lyrics . At the pros of the album an emotional funky infused ballad in "Fly away", just to show foo how diverse is PC even as bluesman. Slide guitar, swlo blues, honky tonk, harmonicas and organ in a soulful blues album in the great tradition of US bluesmen and Poppa Chubby of course who is not a spring chicken anymore and knows how to deliver his blues.


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