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PREACHERS OF DISTORTION- "The wall of sound ritual"

With Coronavirus shattering dreams and lives , one man in London picked up his guitar and continue his journey to the city of distortion alone. Stripped down by his colleagues who couldn't get along, guitar mastermind (Redd Lao) of London based PREACHERS OF DISTORTION decided to record their new work on his own. The result is an album of sheer force. MOTORHEAD meets COC meets Desert sessions as his "power trio" attitude brings angry riffs and whiskey soaked vocals in a way Lemmy would have much approved. On the other hand the album has its more technical, guitar shredding melodic moments as in songs like "Cry from the womb". The main attitude is coming upfront in songs like 'As above,so below' and 'Ill be the first in line",true, angry,heavy rockers that could be in any ORANGE GOMBLIN, COC album. Sometimes vocals can be a bit weak like at the closing "Roots and memories' but they're from the heart.

If you' re in to straight in your face, heavy rock coming from the gutters, aggressive and disrespectful to modern trends, check PREACHERS OF DISTORTION. Riff loaded, over the top fuzz and distorted they got the guts and the beers for some good old time HEAD bangin.


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