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PRONG -"State of emergency"

Tommy Victor and co returns in fine form. A stroming industrial thrasher opens the album, in. Right away the more crunchy, beefy, rhythmic attack of "Stae of emergency" oozing Bay area poured with some MINISTRY odour. PRONG deliver a maelstrom of heavy, distorted, dirty riffs over some solid, industrial type rhythm patterns with no mercy for the listener. MINISTRY, FEAR FACTORY, METALLICA, ANNIHILATOR, PANTERA,EXODUS, SACRED REICH are all together blended in Victor's vast musical experience and talent. He infiltrates modern metal requirements, blends them with his thrash and industrial experience and creates a post apocalyptic thrash/industrial metal armageddon.

The opening riff of "Breaking point" is the song a thousand other bands try all their life to write. Hre is an accurate punk metal attack, a surgical strike that leaves everything devastated after the guitar enters the scenery. PRONG also has a more melodic face, similar to THERAPY? and you can see it/hear it at "Non-Existence" , an instant crowd pleaser with the emphatic riff and the melodic catchy chorus. The punk attitude and aggression enter the game at "Light turns black", a scary metal monster with punk attitude, coming from the gutters of the Bay area scene. But PRONG can make popular tunes without sacrificing their heaviness and "Disconnected" with its melodic approach proves this. An exercise in modern metal where you can find the riff barge of PRONG with melodic vocal lines in the vein of bands like TRIVIUM, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and still hear PRONG. "Compliant" keeps the more nu metal approach at the vocals, more melodic and high pitched with a BLACK SABBATH/Industrial guitar riff dominating the place.But PRONG, the vicious, edgy ones we know are back at "BACK (NYC)" a trash/hardcore anthem of anger and homesickness. "Working man" is a tribute to the mighty Canadians (RUSH), from a trio to another, faster, heavier and in pure Bay area spirit, not your classic rendition but equally demanding and captivating.

What is as always reassuring is Tommy Victor, a guitar master who produces riffs like a vending machine, ice, cool, edgy and heavy without imitating or recycling. Already at their 13 th studio album, PRONG are vivid as 20 year old freshmen. For a good fix of aggressive, modern, thrash, speed metal, PRONG is always a safe choice, enjoy.


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