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Ray Willie Hubbard- Co starring too

Classic rock meets Americana meets country with the smoky voice of R.W.H. A bit Tom Petty, a bit Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, Hubbard gets for the second time on board a number of contemporary big names like Lizzy Hale (HALLESTORM), Steve Lukather, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sexton, Steve Earle, Ann wilson among others to give his rusty old sound a modern polish and he nails it. Along his laid back , storytelling singing the youngsters and more mature ... gather round RWH and add their own hungry for rebellion voices singing about tales of redemption, abandonment and forgiveness, the way old men know how to do. A deeply emotional coutnry rock album with a modern twist, that proves the strengths of RWH voice and his deep love for rock, country and blues.

Songs like "Texas wild side" are rocking anthems in the vein of the best electric moments of Neil Young, Tom Petty groovy and with a heartbeat of a giant. ""Naturally wild" with Lizzy Hale and John 5 rocks the joint like a party in a Saturday roadhouse and WRH sings like a 20 year old outlaw coutnry rocker , while "Only a fool" with the Blue Bonnetes pays tribute to women with some of the most female friendly lyrics in the rock history showing the class of the man. Roots rock, country rock or outlaw country, Dylan, Petty and Young will celebrate this album along woth Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. Sharp lyrics over some groovy coutry rock tunes and all you need is a cold one to enjoy this mighty rocking album. 'Pretty reckless" would be a perfect fit to the CREDENCE best of album and John Fogerty needs to join RWB for a collaboration over some 60s classics with Charlie Sexton adding some great guitar licks to this Tex Mex anthem.

Drive to Texas listening to this album and reunite with your coutnry rock roots, it wont harm you...What more would you need from an album checknameing LED ZEPPELIN and Stevie Nicks?


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