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REEF-"Shoot me your ace'

Far away from their Brit rock glory days, REEF have become a hard rock monster that delivers dirty riffs over Gary Stringers voice that scratches the surface of the easy going listener and drag him down the blues basement in to the dirt and the harsh reality of real music. AC/DC-MOTORHEAD-LYNYRD SKYNYRD are all here pushing the color surface to get out and grab you by the neck with REEF's immense musical power that became obvious by the day they let their hair down and the music did the talking.Songs like "when im gonna see your face' are there; hard rock of the 00s, mixing the dirtiness of ACDC, the stripped down sound of cult and the British accent and feeling of REEF in a slow burning love song that blows away the listeners head. REEF are down to earth rockers, metalic, seazy, groovy and most of all, mature. Like the 70s never passed but only got a better stereo and a V8 under the hood, in the old Ford Cortina parked outside the house.

No fancy colors and fuzzy overdrives, no fusion aesthetic, no BEATLES influences, here we have a band who was raised in a firm diet on ACDC, CULT, MOTORHEAD, SMALL FACES, BAD CO and never regretted to turn their electric blues to FM hits.They re groovy and they like it like a Guy Richie movie at "best of me" a crazy funk rocker .The album is a heavy rock thunder, unleashed,"wolfman" with its addictive chorus is the finest example of my sayings."Right on" shows another side of REEF, more 90s, more Brit pop and more sensitive but with the same taste for crafting catchy songs with great feeling of melody.The LED ZEPPELIN comes out on "I see your face" with all the appropriate groove ad dirt plus the REEF sharp riffs.An album that stands firmly on the past, shaping the future with passion, groove and aggression, a true modern retro rock album.


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