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REVIVAL BLACK - "Under the light"

Modern hard rock that is based on the blues and the alternative rock /nu metal of the 90s, that's what REVIVAL BLACK delivers in the best possible way. one the one hand you have guitar histrionics that came straight from the 80s mega riff book and bands like DOKKEN, GNR and on the other hand you have the brick wall a like vocals that reminds of all the nu metal bands of the 90s, from LINKIN PARK to STAIND. Songs like "Take you out', 'See you again" have a lot to do with SHINEDOWN and bands who like their sound massive and aggressive with some melodic elements thrown all around to spice the final result. The guys are from Liverpool but their sound is as American as British. Hard, edgy, sharp, riff oriented , modern hard rock that aims at the major league and the nu metal generation. They have an eye on bands like PANTERA, just listen to "Broken home".

A great power ballad at "Hemispheres" with some emotional vocals and majestic riffs structuring a song targeted for mobiles flashlights or lighters , searching in the dark of the concert hall. What they really know how to do is to write a catchy song and "Under fire' is a fine example of their abilities as it is "Left of me" on their approach on the heavy side of the 70s and "Wrong side" when they aim for today's radio. The closing track "Hurricane" is among the most intriguing and promising as it mixes modern metal with some mainstream influences and some almost pop elements to create a claustrophobic song that comes to an emotional explosion with no warning. Overall a modern rock album that incorporates nu metal, blues and hard rock in a very unique and prolific way.


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