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Ronni Le Tekro- "Bigfoot TV"

With TNT on hiatus, axeman Ronni Le Tekro returns with his first solo album in six years. From the opening track "Life on Long island" he storms into a bluesy Hard rocker that nods to Gary Moore, Scot Gorham and Jon Norum. Although someone would expect the album to be more fusion, jazz,,experimenting it is in reality the opposite. A straight in your face Hard rock album with 70s references and the gravy vocals of Leif Knashaug giving the tone alongside the hammering guitar of Le Tekro who takes out all the anger and steam of the Covid years.Together with his band–Markus O. Klyve (keyboards), Henrik Fossum (drums, percussion), Ove Husemoen (bass), Jon Johannessen – guitar), Leif Knashaug (vocals) "Demons" are a more sensitive moment, with the slow intro giving its pace to a tight modern boogie. "Moving like a cat" is another weird soul, infused song that you ll love with its tongue in cheek lyrics and it's smooth,mesmerizing style.

Guests on the album include Rodmar Johansen (lead vocals on “Not Today”), Bjørn Kristiansen (guitar solo on “New Day In The Morning”), and Tim Scott McConnell (backing vocal on “Life on Long Island”). Psychedelia, BEATLES and PINK FLOYD inspires "The black rose", in the same melodic style a bit more QUEEN, pomp, melodramatic is "A handful of time"."New day in the morning" is again in the Gary Moore/Eric Clapton musical wave lenght, a laid back track to enjoy the smooth guitar licks. "Not today" is one of the stand out tracks with its uplifting rhythm and the dancing feeling. An uptempo rocker with some nice pop essence, bit like Phil Collins GENESIS. An eclectic album where melody meets technicality and work together over psychedelia,Hard rock gives us a nice reminder of Le Tekro' s abilities to write great songs with even greater guitar solo.


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