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Rory Gallagher-"All around man (Live in London)"

What could be a serious reason to present another Rory Gallagher;s live album? If you ask yourself, the answer is simple and light striking, the setlist. In the " All around  the man" album, Gallagher was promoting his last studio album "Fresh Evidence" and a lot of his efforts and style are in the blues territory.

With more than a couple of songs coming from "Fresh evidence" like "Kid gloves", "Heaven gate" "The king of Zydeko" "Empire state express" - he spices them up with some tasteful blues covers and classic Gallagher standards like the well known and adored "Moonchild" "Shin kicker", "Shadow play", "Out in the western plains", "I wonder who", "When my baby she left me",  this full of energy album is the way we want to remember the greatest Irish guitar player. Alive and well. A double album that brings one of his best performances  recorded and a setlist that intrigues even the most loyals as these songs are usually not presented live.

A much needed addition for any Gallgher and blues rock fan collection from a guitarist who went too soon and left a big hole in our hearts.


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