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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

ROT TV- "Tales of torment" (Teepee Records + Heavy Machinery Records)

I could finish this review in less than 100 words. Dirty, sleazy, fuzzed up, no mercy for the wicked at heart rock n roll. This Aussie bunch of Melbourne rockers are loving equally their twelve bars rock n roll ,their dad's garage rock record collections and THE STOOGES, SEX PISTOLS, MC 5, AC/DC, THE ANGELS, HOODOO GURUS, COSMIC PSYCHOS, ROSE TATTOO, and definitely THE DUBROVNIKS.

In your face guitar driven rock with punk attitude, garage ethic and a small portion of psychedelia at the female lead vocal melodies to give us one of the most astonishing debuts of the last few years. If you were astonished by WOLFMOTHER here you have their punk/garage version, full of youthful passion and amphetamine. The most accurate comment I can make is that ROT TV is the best support band for the forthcoming tour of HELLACOPTERS.



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