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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Sabotage- Sabotage

Hailing from France, Toulouse these French rockers are un product extraordinaire, a product that will keep your turntable busy for months.I say turntable because the band is in the genrer of the retro rock bands with elements from 70s rock, funk,soul, Rolling stones, AC/DC , Southern rock, BEATLES and their own brand . Great melodic retro rock songs with one of the best vocal deliveries of the genre, based on the great Hard rock voices of the late 70s (Gillan, PLant, Rodgers) with a sense of absence,timeless and catchy. At some points I smell some 90s alternative melancholy infiltrated by the vintage aesthetic , a touch that diversifies the final result and takes SABOTAGE outside the classic rock pool. Songwriting of the highest calibre, will keep the listener occupied for the whole album as the tempo changes and the style alterations are the name of the game. Swing, groove and danceable rock tunes, the horns, keyboards add extra depth to the songs like "Wheel of fortune" or to put it in a more polite way, they have the groove and the RnB/funk influences well blended to their roots , ballsy hard rock.

From the french cousin of BLACK CROWES at "Catch that train" , the 80s influenced "King of the mountain" ( i even spot some DEEP PURPLE,HEAVY PETTIN influences), to the more 60s "Take me back", the alt 90s sibling at 'Give it a try', to the Southern laid back rock of "Sidekick" the music is the name of the game and SABOTAGE know how to play it good. An unexpected but much welcome surprise from France, for those of us who don't want to scream along with GOJIRA, SABOTAGE is the real deal.


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