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SAINTED SINNERS- "Taste it" (ROAR-rock of angels)

US Hard rock in the vein of GREAT WHITE, CINDERELLA, LA GUNS, dirty, sleazy, guitar driven, soaked in whiskey. Germans in the passport, but LA citizens in the soul, they like their rock mean, down and dirty. They add to their sleaze rock a bit of early VAN HALEN (Fair warning era) and the recipe for good fan is ready. SAINTED SINNERS consists from Jacopo Meille – Vocals, Frank Pané – Guitar, Ernesto Ghezzi – Keyboards, Berci Hirleman – Drums, Rico Bowen - Bass and if you dont read the names of the band members you would expect another US release. On the contrary, these guys knows the rules of the game and play it well.

At songs like "On and on" they diversify their sound a little bit, mostly due to the keyboards and the vocal harmonies, bringing a bot of early BON JOVI in their sound. A nice differentiation from the straight in your face rock n roll of songs like Against the odds“, "The essence of rock n roll", "Down n dirty". The same differentiation goes to the final orchestra led track „Heart of stone“, with its SCORPIONS overtones. A cover of REMs "Losing my religion" stands as a cd version only track. A cover version rocked up, you wont remember a lot after listen to it, as it is difficult to reach the sensitivity of the original. If you want a band similar to the sound of SAINTED SINNERS, SHARK ISLAND would be a great reference, mostly due to teh vocals of Jacopo Meille. So if your life is mostly "Coffee,whiskey & rock n roll" as they sing, you definitely need to give them a try.


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