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Sami Yaffa- "The Innermost journey to your outmost Mind"

Sometimes we write about albums that are diversified and incorporate the composer's influences and experiences but it is very seldom to have the description fit the reality. Yaffa is a real punk rocker at heart and pays homage to his heroes, Iggy Pop,THE CLASH but also at his reggae love and gothic shadows. An immense album, with songs coming from the heart without the limitations of the multinational record company that compels the artist. Freedom to let himself play what he likes ,as he likes.

From the opener " Armageddon together" a mix of Iggy Pop and early MOTORHEAD with a "Lost Johnny" vibe, the punky turn to dub "You selling me shit" to the reggae flavor "Rotten roots" Sami Yaffa offers an introduction to hard rock and punk history in small, compact lessons, usually less than 4 min. Fuzzed up rockabilly at "Fortunate one" and the NEW YORK DOLLS smile,especially Johnny Thunders with the saxophone interval.Slow burning 70s hard rock at "I can't stand it' and Yaffa makes a stylistic exposure of diversity and class during the album, root rock album where each and every of his influences come to life, screaming for your attention with feelings overloaded along the guitars and the beating heart of the rhythm section."The Last time" is his "modern" approach to bands like BLUR and MONSTER MAGNET all in one song and that is what makes this album so volatile and at the same time so attractive. It reshapes the form of punk rock, hard rock and if STOOGES were a 2021 band i bet my bitcoins they would sound like this. Bregovic meets Tom Waits at the gypsy, drunken lullaby of "Look ahead' and let the festivities begin.He got the punk swagger, the heavy rock muscle and the street spirit to lift his music to a more personalized level, for those who don't get attracted by the fat riff or the catchy hook line only.

Massive, angry, street poetry dressed with electric guitars and eclectic rhythm section , Yaffa's new work stands side to side with HANOI ROCKS, Michael Monroe band, DEMOLITION 23, CHERRY BOMBZ,THE CLASH, MOTORHEAD, NEW YORK DOLLS and all his heroes without giving a cent to the mainstream.


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