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Santana-"Blessings and miracles"

The return with another album full of famous collaborators and also of inspiration. Carlos Santana has nothing to prove to anyone. He likes his spiritual,new age approach to music ,blended with Latin and rock overtones, groovy and smooth "Break" with Ally Brooke, old timer with deep emotions "Whiter shade of pale" with Steve Wintwood, modern, rap and beat "She's fire" a modern Mexican FM approach. He brings the man who saves other musicians and we speak about Chris Stapleton who resurrected METALLICA, Tom Morello and his collaboration with Santana will be discussed and the soul of the song, the emotion burden and his vol=cal delivery make the "Joy" one of the most successful songs Santana ever released in collaboration with another artist.

But Santana is also a man of his time and he has political views, opinions and says it openly and loud. "America for sale" with Kirk Hammet (METALLICA) and Mark Osequeda (DEATH ANGEL) is an a example what happens when Carlos gets angry, a masterpiece of aggression full of riffs that METALLICA would kill to have (probably the collaboration on Cindy Blackmans album ignite this one). A modern funk rock song with Corey Glover ``Peace power" is another example of how Santant speaks for the minorities and stays on the forefront of music, with some great 70s, wah wah guitar work.

At “Song for Cindy”, Santana pays his guitar tribute to his current spouse, the jazz drummer and percussionist Cindy Blackman. He shows his love to Jazz at “Angel Choir/All Together”. a song with special guests the former Mahavishnu Orchestra member Gayle Moran Corea, and recently deceased piano jazz legend Chick Corea.While the family participation (Blackman, Santana son Salvador Santana-vocals and keyboards , ) continues with “Breathing Underwater,” which features Santana’s daughter Stella Santana as vocalist and songwriter, an ethereal, easy listening pop song. Soul, funk, reggae, rock are all here in a mix that smooths the soul and shakes the booty. Listen to the funky, guitar driven `Mother yes' and get a grip on good music, still mind blowing from a man who seems never tired to put the groove back in its place in rock music.

So the recipe may be the same, Rob Thomas is once again here , but it is the inspiration that takes the album to the next level as Santana is charged with positivity and social awareness and delivers it with groove, power and some excellent guitar work as always. A reborn artist, who knows? He is definitely on fire and positively charged, a man blessed who creates miracles with his guitar work and the choices he makes regarding his music collaborators.


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