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SINNER- "Santa muerte"

This is one of the biggest surprises of 2019, for me. A band that i consider, capable for some good, old style melodic heavy rock, hit back with an album full of fresh ideas and an excellent combination of female (Giorgia Colleluori) and male vocals. SINNER was always a good band, but mostly (my personal opinion) on the average side. This time, i apologize for my disbelief, as they produce a high energy heavy rock album, where the more modern female led vocal songs (with echoes of Doro, ZED YAGO) meet the most heavy rock moments in an prolific alignment. THIN LIZZY, are the guest of honor, regarding inspiration and in songs like “What went wrong” with guest vocalist Ricky Warwick (BLACK STAR RIDERS), SINNER pay a more than honorable tribute. A real blast, never especially innovative, but catchy and refreshing in the vein of modern heavy rock and euro power metal. Enjoyable and out of the box approach from a band, i haven't thought they still had it. To conclude, Giorgia is the real star of the album as she takes the more soulful hard rock songs to the next level with her passionate performance.


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