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Song of the week- SAFFIRE - "Read Between The Lies" (ROAR)

SAFFIRE - "Read Between The Lies" (2022) - Official Video. Taken from the band’s upcoming album “Taming The Hurricane” that will be released on April 29, 2022 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records!

Pre-order the album here:

"Taming The Hurricane" will be released on April 29, 2022 as digipak CD and digital streaming and download format and on October 21, 2022 as limited Gold Vinyl (300 copies worldwide). Video by Robert Hellström. Thanks to Carolina Harvonen and Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum.

Saffire are: Victor Olsson – Guitars, backing vocals Efraim Larsson – Drums, backing vocals Tobias Jansson - Vocals Magnus Carlsson - Bass Dino Zuzic – Keyboards, backing vocals

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