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Song of the week - " We Like It" (Official Video) *By Steve Conte & Andy Partridge

From Steve Conte's album, The Concrete Jangle on Wicked Cool Records. Featuring the voices of: Ian Hunter, Marshall Crenshaw, Michael Imperioli, Simon Kirke, Danko Jones, Nasty Suicide, Dennis Dunaway, Steve Lillywhite, Kasim Sultan, Prairie Prince, Glen Matlock, Thommy Price, Kevin Preston, Tommy Henrickson, Damon Johnson, Frank Lammers, Marc Broussard, Jessie Wagner, Palmyra Delran, Genya Ravan, Ryan Hamilton, Kevin Salem, Danny B. Harvey, Jonathan Clarke, Mickey Leigh, Robert Eriksson, Dregen & Majsan, Kevin March, Chips Kiesbye, Rich Jones, Billy Hopeless, Kyf Brewer, Rich Ragany, Keith Roth, Alycia Jones, Jay Millete, John & Jennifer Kerns, Danni Action, Christian Keiber, Kerry McGann, The Brazen Giant Ensemble, Ben Rubin, Jan Verdoorn, Rick Tedesco, Westley Crawford, Janie Barnett, Nicki Richards, Lajuan Carter-Dent & Baz Conte (many of whom can be seen in this video…) *Special video appearance by XTC's Andy Partridge!!

Strap in for some political commentary that doesn’t take sides and calls out the ridiculousness of both parties…

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