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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Song of the Week-WHEELS OF TIME-(a song against femicides/domestic violence)

A Symphonic Metal song that aims to raise awareness against femicides and domestic violence. Available for free streaming and download on All proceeds will be donated to "Foivi", a shelter for abused women and their children in Athens, Greece. Thank you for supporting this cause !

Credits Music, lyrics, arrangement: Elina Englezou

Vocals: Stratis Steele, ( Endomain )

Margarita Papadimitriou, ( SL Theory, Voice Box )

Anna Tarba,

Anna Lullaby, (Jillian's Lullaby )

Lillian Tyropoulou

Guitars: Yiannis Androulakakis ( Royal Quest, Vivaldi Metal Project )

Drums: Stelios Teselecta Pavlou ( Sorrowful Angels )

Bass: Jim Ramses ( Keepers of Jericho )

Violins: Angelos Pavlos

Produced at C

FN Recordings Studio Mastered at Vu Productions

Artwork: Mari Calegari

Cast ( in order of appearance ) Ioanna Merkouriadou Manos Bartis Stella Seiragaki Theodora Stembari Ioanna-Maria Bati Video by George Mylonas Sound assistant: Evangelos Pallis Stylist: Tina Stern

Written by Elina Englezou Directed by Manos Bartis

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