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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis


Έγινε ενημέρωση: 28 Οκτ 2019

Athenian Southern hard rockers, return with a new line up and their second full length album. The South is here, present but with a bit more modern production and an AOR sensitivity that comes closer to the mainstream, I would say that you could find more easy elements from.BLACKFOOT, 38 SPECIAL and the more modern American rock scene. On the other hand the guitars pay tribute to ZZ TOP, ALLMAN BROTHERS, LYNYRD SKYNYRD of the first era but overall their sound is much closer to newer bands like ς CADILAC THREE without so strong the country feeling. Standout track is “Stay” which deserves to be a radio hit, with its catchy melody.


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