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SPACE ELEVATOR- "Persona non Grata"

British melodic rockers SPACE ELEVATOR return with album n3 and the results are ear pleasuring. Although they decide to start with [persona non grata pt 1 and 2 a bit more darker songs, it's not long since they start to show their musical muscle i "Duchess of this Town" where THUNDER meets QUEEN and Duchess reigns her city with her brilliant, melodic and passionate voice. The album is an amalgam of FM rock, hard rock and pop. HEART , FLEETWOOD MAC, THUNDER, late BAD CO, Steve Windwood and even Chris Isaak . They have the THIN LIZZY spirit in the guitars and the American female rock sound of the 70s for their sign. What I really appreciated at SPACE ELEVATOR is that they don't sound like anyone. They have their own unique sound. You can hear their influences ,but never see them as copyists. On the contrary their songs live on their own, autonomous and catchy.

'Passive aggression" is a song that Sisters Wilson would love to have in their armament, but SE do it right. "Stevie Nicks smile' is a mid tempo ballad, ready to explode in a million colors, with Duchess stealing the show ."First girl on the moon" keeps the slow pace at a ballad, that most modern rock bands would kill to have,with Duchess giving us the chills with ther emotionally charged performance. 'Richie see you later' is an uptempo rocker with a volcanic groove and tasty guitars. "Cheerful Frank" is a nice tribute to QUEEN as well as the British musicals of the 30s. "Love you better" is a Soul infused funk diamond. "I will hold on to you" has the aura of Kate Bush all over it. At some point I felt "House of the blue light' (DEEP PURPLE) could be a secret pleasure for this band to listen to in their rehearsal room.

Their silky, melodic, FM oriented rock deserves massive air playing. Well crafted, articulate modern FM rock with a 70s touch,delivers the utmost for the most demanding listener.


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