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Spidergawd-Spidergawd VI

Norwegian metal coming from the vaults of the 80s with JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK SABBATH /Heaven and Hell era being all over the place, check "Narcissus Eye"and. The metal has the epic feeling of the early 80s a bit more polished production and the touch for melody and harmony that can be found at THIN LIZZY,SHIVA,SARACEN, PRAYING MANTIS

plus the power of the early RAVEN. Spidergawd are a relatively new supergroup from Trondheim, Norway featuring Motorpsycho members Kenneth Kapstad and Bent Sæther, with Per Borten from Cadillac and New Violators as frontsinger. Heavy, melodic with this great tone of voice and some excellent guitar work that makes them NOT another retro act band but a bright hope for the future. Tight, heavy,melodic and with their influences well honed in their sound, SPIDERGAWD look like they have the future paved in gold ,lying ahead of them.


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