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Steve Conte- "Bronx cheer"

New York has everything punk, metal, power pop, street metal, rock n roll, new wave and Steve Conte is part of this musical heritage. His new album starts with a new wave kinda song "Human animal" and continues with an in-your face punk rocker "Liar like you" moving backwards to the great rock n roll 50s with "Recovery doll". SC got the riffs and with a plain,lean,tight rhythm section, especially mention need for the down to earth, dedicated to the bone drums by Charley Drayton,with no overfill of the songs,just muscle he delivers an album honoring his musical history and collaborations till pow (NYD,Michael Monroe etc). "Wildmoon moon" is the song that Springsteen would love to have written along with the Ramones. "Flying" is a stripped down ballad, emotional based on the acoustic guitar and his voice, a bit like Paul Weller and it is a clear winner.

"Dog days of summer" is a GEORGIA SATELLITES meets Bruce Springsteen uplifting tune for the summer (Covid 19 free) we ll want to live again "Overnight smash' is another great rock n roll tune, no brakes, just heading out the highway with music turned on at max. THE STOOGES get a rock n roll cover at "Those sexy lies", a tribute to Iggy and Co in the more appropriate way. Country and 50ws rock take the reins and a slow tempo countrified ballad "Guilty" melts the place. Next comes a rocking "Degeneration" with some garage/rockabilly overtones to lift up the spirits. The album closer a bit RAMONES a bit NYD "Gimme gimme rockaway '' closes the album in a true punk rock way, in just 39 minutes of delight, no fillers. If the Goodfellas were into the rock n roll business this would be their album of choice.


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