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SUCKERPUNCH-"Redneck gasoline" (BADASS records)

AC/DC flavor rock n roll, this sums up everything. Slide guitar and Southern spirit at "Dusty Windshield" and DOC HOLIDAY are still alive and well. THE FOUR HORSEMEN is the main comparison (for good) and the more reminiscent band. In your face twelver bar rock n roll. "Hell to pay" is a bone crusher and a song to fight the next Zombie attack."Last call" is mid tempo, song with some whiskey driven vocals, just ot gives us some time to breathe before "Dead man's hand" put the pedal to the metal again. These Danes are storming the gates like Berserkers only instead of axes they have six strings. MOTORHEAD,AC DC, STATUS QUO and a lot of distortion are the ingredients that make their gasoline as valuable as it was back in the glory days of MAD MAX. "Filthy rich' breaks down all the barriers with its in-your -face simplicity. 'Gators" is muddy and groovy as the Louisiana swamps, ready to swallow the one who don't pay attention."Cut the crap" is a mid tempo hand grenade, that waits to explode."Little teaser" is a song straight out of 'Powerage', politically incorrect and we love it.

There was a time in the early 90s when TSOL, NEVADA BEACH, THE FOUR HORSEMEN, TORA TORA, SCREAMING EAGLES were ruling the world of the underground sleaze rock n roll. Most of them didn't make it but their albums are now considered lost classics. So don't let these Danes become another golden obscurity and support their brand of distorted rock n rll which would be fully approved by Lemmy and Bon Scott.


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