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SUPER VINTAGE-"Guardians of tradition"(Grooveyard records)


One of the most underrated bands in the genre and one of the most prolific. Stavros Papadopoulos musical child, SUPER VINTAGE is exactly what the name says. Hard rock with its roots in the 70s and the blues with a great Southern scent. Riffs outta the book of Frank Marino, Leslie West and Billy Gibbons and Rossigton,Collins. The band consists from Jim Moralis (Bass guitAR), Chris Lagios (drums), Stavros Papadopoulos (guitars-vocals), Panagiotis Zabourlis ( rhythm guitar) They re what their name says, just listen to the opening of "Indian soul", a song that Ricky Medlock would be proud to have written, straight out the early BLACKFOOT days.Modern Southern rock with some great countrified harmonies at the chorus at"Hero" and the tradition keep up the good work. SUPER VINTAGE ain't no retro rock band.They live and breath the 70s in their sound and have them deep in their DNA. So their sound comes natural, unbiased and the songs sound like they're from the vaults of one of the legendary bands of the time, but are contemporary and have the SV mark all over them. Not a hint of imitation or other kind of flattering, just pure signs of musical excellence and inspiration.

"Rolling thunder" has the Ted Nugnet riffs storming the song and the Van Zandt soaked vocals sound , delivering the goods Papadopoulos slide guitar enter the scenery as it opnes for "Down down" a song straight out of the "Street survivors" album. T for Tennessee its a rocking number with strong references to the 70s and also to a small band from Jacksonville "End of the road" is a more in your face rocking number while "Pieces of my broken heart" is the more mainstream song of the album with some frenzy solo. " Rise and fall" is a fitting trbute to "Free bird" with its main riff and the slide guitar , an nod to the mighty SKYNYRD. The closing 8 minute Guardians of tradition" is the bands own masterpiece, anthemic, strong and proud 70s influenced, guitar driven hard rock with the confederate flag waving high , mighty and proud, a closing fitting to an album with no fillers. It is a pity and a shame that bands like BLACKBERRY SMOKE, WHISKEY MYERS, BLACKSTONE CHERRY are all over the Southern press and the rock press as the Southern rock apostoles and revivalists and Papadopoulos and crew don't get the recognition they rightfully deserve.If you're into 70s Southern rock and hard rock and you like some fresh approach and original compositions do yourself a favor and check this album.


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