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A band history forgotten but not us who had their first two albums back in the 80s. Pure heavy metal, not thrash, black, death, true, epic or whatever just metal, with heavy riffs, solid drumming and a voice among the best of the genre,earthly, masculine and down to your throat. Canadian SWORD return with their third effort with the self explanatory title II, the same time that THE WINERY DOGS comes with their own II, guess not a lot of the music fans will get confused. Like the time has stood still, SWORD delivers their metal in a gatecrashing, no prisoners taken way. Majestic, sharp razor riffs that come as the battle ram to storm the gates and make the listener pray for more. Straight outta the Book of Heavy metal, riffs with pounding drums and the vocals of Rick Hughes on top of them like a true berserker ready to destroy. From the PRIEST a like "I m in command" to the groovy, flame thrower of 'Dirty pig", metal was never so delightful and exciting in our days of retro/80 lovers. Here is the real deal and guess what they still have the inspiration and the love to deliver , heavy metal with no compromises and no need for image or verbal exaggeration.

There was a time when bands like LIEGE LORD, SAVAGE GRACE, IZZY BORDEN, LEATHERWOLF, HELSTAR ruled underground power metal and were ready to take over the mainstream. These are the times, SWORD reminding us in 'III", in the only way possible ,through good, new music.' 'Unleashing hell" is talking about these times and stands proud and tall in our days of plastic metal and political correct-fascism. "Spread the pain" is exactly what the title says, an "In your face" song with heavy riffing and some eclectic solo, with the name of MEGADETH printed all over it.'Took my chances' is an instant classic and epic with Dio/RAINBOW touches and a power metal/epic feeling all over it.The album closes with "Not me, no way' another Priest like song, filled with energy, heavy guitars and frenzy execution. Overall an album from metal heads to metalheads, no posing, no bullshit, no fake devotion to the "metal ideals', just good, fast, heavy,entertaining metal music to scream your heart out in the local club, true to the the spirit of 79 and 84. Less than 35 min of metal onslaught. for your delight


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