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Tedeschi Trucks Band- "I'm the moon:I. Crescent"

The music collective of Tedeschi Trucks returns with the first out of 4 to be released eps where blues, meets swing, bluegrass, roots rocks, 70s rock and all together the big, fat ,rich sound of TTB. “I Am The Moon” is a four album rock ‘n’ roll event. Inspired by classical literature and driven by the isolation and mourning of the pandemic era, “I Am The Moon” features 24 original tracks and more than two hours of music.The four albums that comprise “I Am The Moon”— I. Crescent, II. Ascension, III. The Fall, and IV. Farewell — will be released in successive months beginning with “I Am The Moon” – I. Crescent, available digitally and on CD, Friday, June 3rd.The laid back "Im the moon" with its MAZE STAR feeling of loneliness, the more groovy "Fall in" with Truck gives a heartbreaking recital with his voice and string bending, bend our feelings over his fretboard, the psychedelic "Circles round the sun" with the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE/WHO stamp all over it, pure 70s magic in the way Alvin Lee used to play repetitive phrases while the brass and the horns and Saxophone solos add more depth to the song creating a free form jazz improvisation, making every single note sounding like a gospel ceremony, preparing the listener for the piece de resistance of the ep. "Pasaquan" is a tribute to Neil Young, Santana early days, a youthful jam with psychedelic overtones and ethnic passages, blending in a mesmerizing 12 plus min ,musical trip to the stars.

TTB are at high form, digging deep in their 70s background, origins and creating a music revival full of muscle, groove and tasty guitar licks.Eager for the rest of the eps and more eager to catch them on stage, hopefully someday. One of the few US bands that keep the tradition of the jam bands without becoming tedious. Their first musical work, part one of four, is a tour de force from a band eager to play, create music and express their deeper feelings after two years of fear, isolation,death and misinformation.


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